It is increasingly likely that new build projects will have solar panels to meet the code for sustainable homes. 

The benefits of re-roofing in combination with solar apart from to create cheaper, greener energy are the projects can be more cost effective for the client as the cost of scaffolding, re-roofing labour and solar panel installation labour is grouped together.

We also have got the experience to work alongside other companies to complete the job with efficient cooperation.

When you use us for full re-roofing and solar in SRS has a wealth of experience intregrating PV and solar thermal panels into existing or new-build roofs.

Roof integrated panels seemlessly blend into the surrounding roof - providing a subtle visual impact.

If an existing roof cannot handle the weight of a retrofit array, a roof-integrated system may provide a good solution.  Solar slates actually weigh less than conventional slates.

There are factors that need to be carefully considered when choosing whether to use roof integrated panels.  One drawback of a roof-integrated system, is that the panels operate at a higher temperature which lowers the efficiency of the system.

Roof integrated panels are often more costly than a retro-fit system - both in installation costs if fitted to an existing roof and in material costs.

stallation you can be assured that the highest quality materials and products will be used, and you will be able to converse directly for every aspect of the job.