Welcome to SRS: The Solar Roofing Specialists


Whether the job is 4KWp or 6MWp our well trained, reliable and friendly teams deliver the utmost customer satisfaction by consistently completing installation jobs to the highest quality.

Every solar panel installation job is different, and through our extensive experience we have the ability and skill to adapt the necessary unique method and approach to each different contract.  

We are not satisfied unless the client is satisfied.  Our personal and professional approach to the customer means we are happy to give detailed descriptions of how we do our work throughout the entire installation process.  We only use top quality materials and we do not cut corners. We say it is a matter of principle.  

When you contact us you will not be talking to a sales person in an office.  You are talking directly to a highly experienced, hands on member of the installation team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

0333 772 11 22


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