What type of mountings do you use?

We currently use different mounting systems for different companies. One thing we do stipulate is that (for domestic jobs) we always attach the mounting system into the rafters for structural integrity. We do not use ‘quick fit’ systems that fit onto the batten. We do not use hanger bolts for slate roofs.  

We do have a preferred mounting company, and we generally use adjustable hooks for domestic jobs; this way we can easily achieve the recommended stress gaps above the tile (so the roof hook absorbs any movement without transmitting this to the tile below and potentially cracking it). The other advantage of using adjustable roof hooks is you can always get the panels flat even if the rafters aren’t (which often there not).

The advantage of using our preferred company is that we always carry spares. We are happy to use other mounting company’s kit (as long as its good quality). One thing we do emphasise is that it is really important to have make sure there are enough roof hooks for the job, and a few spares of the other components.  Often roof kits are worked out theoretically (not taking into consideration the rafter spacings). We are happy to talk to you and discuss mounting kits.

Created on
Tue, 2 Aug 2011
Changed on
Fri, 16 Mar 2012