Ben Ingham and Craig Kilner are the two founding directors of SRS.


SRS is very pleased to announce we are forming a partnership with Roger Munford  BSc (Hons), MSc.  Please see his profile below.  This means we can offer the very best turn-key design, install, and commissioning service. 

SRS was established in March 2011 after the realisation from the two founding directors, that there was a shortage of good quality solar panel installers from the roofing industry.  The two founding directors of the company bring over 50 years of construction and roofing experience to the table, as well as over 12 years of solar and renewable energy.

Already having a passion for conserving the environment and the drive to create a forward thinking company, they went into business together in 2011.

Since being set-up SRS have specialised in the installation of large scale solar PV.  The third contract awarded to SRS was 100kwp job on a commercial building, and the forth contract was a 3mwp on a series of industrial roofs.  Building on the success of these contracts SRS have gone on to install large PV systems on many types of industrial, commercial and agricultural roofs across the UK and have established themselves to be one of the most experienced solar PV installation companies in the country. 

Clients have included city councils, school and colleges, power companies, renewable energy companies, farmers, grain stores, private landlords, leisure centres, factories and many more.

SRS have trained core members of staff to understand all aspects of the solar installation process, and now have over 6 project managers who able to run their own teams.  Most of whom are university educated and/ or have experience in the construction and roofing industry.        

One of the successes of SRS has come from utilising mechanical aids to avoid manual handling and increase speed and efficiency.  SRS have both, off-the-shelf products, and bespoke solutions for moving tonnage across roofs in a way that is both gentle to the roof, and the employees.      

Ben has been involved with renewable energy for over 10 years. Before, and during studying at university Ben worked in the construction and engineering industry, carrying out a wide range of jobs, including domestic and commercial renovations, structural works, extensions and new builds. After finishing university Ben started an apprenticeship from the Real Small Energy Company, designing and installing renewable energy technologies. During this time Ben completed numerous courses relating to different technologies, including Solar PV/ thermal, ground source heat pumps, under floor heating and wind turbines. Ben’s interests include kayaking, sailing, hiking/ mountaineering, and many other outdoor pursuits. Ben is very interested in environmentalissues.  Three years ago Ben travelled across east Africa volunteering during this time with charities working with sustainable development. He is keen to carry on this work, especially looking at promoting technology that has huge health and environmental benefits.

Craig grew up in Durban, South Africa and studied technical drawing and architecture. In his early days he worked as a diamond drilling specialist for a geotechnical company. In the early 80’s he started a manufacturing business, producing state of the art arcade and amusement machines. His business grew into a successful venture, and he went on to build many portal frame factories on his farm to cater for the expansion of his business.  In the 90’s Craig sold his businesses, and moved to England, where he began working for a roofing company that specialised in loft conversions and extensions. After working for a number years Craig established his own company called CGK Roofs and Lofts. Craig is a keen sailor and boat builder, and enjoys many other outdoor pursuits.  Craig is a keen environmentalist and nature enthusiast, and supports a number of animal charities.    

Roger started his career as a geophysical engineer exploring for oil in the Middle East, North Sea and Eastern Europe. After completing his MSc in electronics, he moved to Germany where he worked as a hardware and software design engineer. Back in the UK he worked in retail, insurance, loyalty, web technologies, air quality monitoring and wave energy monitoring systems as well as being a founding director of the Environment Centre (tEC) in Southampton. To fulfil a lifelong passion for the environment and alternative energy, he is a qualified electrician and MCS installer and managed a German Solar start up for its first year. He has attended SMA and Schletter training courses in Germany, along with numerous UK course relating to both solar and environmental technologies. Roger is very involved in environmental issues and energy efficiency; he volunteers to run courses on energy efficiency matters through the environment centre and transition towns. 


It is this combination of skills that makes a perfect business partnership. 


SRS's interest for environmental issues and our understanding of  the importance of customer satisfaction and high quality workmanship was the foundation to the business being formed.

We are a hands on solar installation company who converse directly with our clients.  

The difference between a good job and an average job is perhaps the difference between the roof lasting 50 years or 150 years. Some may say "Well I won't be around in 50 years, so what difference does it make?".

When you use SRS you have the peace of mind that corners will not be cut and the job is not finished until the client is happy.

We say it's a matter of principle 

SRS is one of the most experienced solar installation companies in the UK 

  • Over 2 MW's of our work has gone through a process of due diligence.  This is where the ownership of a PV system is sold to an investor and an independent engineering company checks the installation to make sure it's up to the required standard. This means we are well used to working to a very high standard.
  • We have extensive roofing / construction and renewal energy backgrounds. We have completed the NICIEC PV installers’ course as well as relevant Health and Safety courses, along with other installer courses.
  • Our pricing is competitive and reasonable.
  • We are genuinely interested environmental issues.
  • We do plan to expand in a sustainable way so that we can continue to contribute to the increased demands in this field.